Jumper Songs List

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Jumper Soundtrack list – David Rice lives lavishly on stolen money acquired from using his superability to “jump” into and out of bank vaults. He is being hunted by the Paladins, a secret society of religious fanatics who are sworn to trace and kill “Jumpers” for their alleged omnipresence which they find blasphemous.

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Jumper SoundTrack Songs List

01. My Day So Far
02. Splash
03. First Jumps
04. Bridges, Rules, Banking
05. Surf’s Up
06. 1000 Volts
07. Roland Snoops
08. You Hear Me Laughing?
09. Coliseum Tour
10. Coliseum Fight
11. Echo of Mom
12. Airport Departure
13. In Hospital
14. It’s Sayonara
15. Race to Millie
16. David Comes Clean
17. Roland at the Lair
18. Jumper vs. Jumper
19. The Sacrifice
20. A Head Start
21. Jump Off

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