Impossible Monsters Songs List

Impossible Monsters
Written by BeeBee
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Impossible Monsters Soundtrack list – Psychology professor Rich Freeman studies sleep phenomena at a university in New York. After losing a prestigious award to his academic rival, Freeman is pressured by the university dean to push forward a study on dreams, nightmares and sleep paralysis. The reward for conducting the study is a large grant being offered by a pharmaceutical company.

The study involves a tortured artist named Otis, a sex worker named Jo, and a third participant named Leigh – all of whom are haunted by horrific nightmares and sleep paralysis. As the study progresses, Freeman becomes romantically involved with Leigh.

After one of the participants in the study is murdered, an investigation is launched into the mysterious circumstances of the death, as the distinction between reality and dreams becomes increasingly blurred for those involved.

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Impossible Monsters SoundTrack Songs List

1. An S&M Club on 10th Ave (1:12)
2. Teeth Falling Out (0:37)
3. All Leather (2:24)
4. White Rose (0:46)
5. Extra Credit (0:56)
6. The Dean (0:24)
7. The Playground (1:45)
8. The Man in Glasses (1:18)
9. The Museum (2:51)
10. Otis, Pt.1 (0:46)
11. The First Session (1:21)
12. The Hammer (1:21)
13. The M.R.I. (3:04)
14. Vorous Pharmaceuticals (1:27)
15. The Bookstore (2:54)
16. The Art World (0:34)
17. The Tape Recorder (0:45)
18. Otis, Pt. 2 (4:06)
19. A Sexual Pain Exploration Specialist (3:10)
20. Otis, Pt. 3 (4:09)
21. Jo’s Apartment (2:03)
22. Jo’s Dead (2:45)
23. Ward of the State (2:15)
24. The Gallery (1:38)
25. Life Imitating Art Imitating Death (9:49)
26. Albany (1:59)

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