Il nostro generale Songs List

Il nostro generale
Written by BeeBee
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Il nostro generale Soundtrack list – Palermo , 1972 . Colonel Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa asks his superior for more means to fight the mafia but this announces his promotion to brigadier general in Turin . Having moved to the Piedmontese capital with his wife Dora and one of his daughters, Simona , he quickly formed a squad of Carabinieri from the Church with the aim of stopping the Red Brigades . When the magistrate Mario Sossi was kidnapped in Genoa on 18 April 1974 , the Church again forcefully asked for more support from the general command of the Carabinieri in Romeand to Interior Minister Taviani. He is then allowed to form the first anti-terrorism nucleus with Captain Gian Paolo Sechi who is tasked with looking for the best men to form the new team.

Casualty Songs List

Il nostro generale SoundTrack Songs List

1. Il nostro generale (Sigla) 1:13
2. Il nostro generale (Chitarra) 2:36
3. Tre settembre 3:38
4. Armonia e sgomento 1:56
5. Abito da sposa 2:21
6. Come i cavalli 1:08
7. Il nostro generale (Quartetto) 2:25
8. Il nostro generale (Mistery) 1:20
9. Ak 47 1:41
10. Black Point 3:18
11. Contradiction 3:01
12. Falso movimento 2:30
13. Il cavaliere amerio 2:45
14. Il covo 5:45
15. Il mare dentro 3:40
16. Il nostro generale 3:16
17. Il sesto senso 2:24
18. Roma palermo 2:00
19. Sequestro sossi 1:49
20. Il nostro generale (Orchestra) 0:40

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