Ich und Kaminski Songs List

Ich und Kaminski
Written by BeeBee
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Ich und Kaminski Soundtrack list – Sebastian Zöllner, a cocky young writer, travels to the Swiss Alps to interview Manuel Kaminski, a legend among 20th-century painters, who knew everybody in the art world but lost his sight and withdrew from all contact. Zöllner’s idea is to have a biography ready the moment Kaminski is dead.

Kaminski is looked after by a wary daughter Miriam, who insists on being at interviews, and a dim housekeeper. While the daughter is out, Zöllner bribes the housekeeper to leave the house and he starts exploring. In the desk he finds letters to Kaminski from friends like Matisse and Picasso, and pockets some. In the basement he finds a secret studio with huge self-portraits, two of which he rolls up and keeps.

But he needs to get Kaminski on his own, so he tells the old man that his great love Therese, who the world thought dead, is in fact living in the north. Kaminski gives him the keys to his Jaguar and the two set off, but at a service station the car is stolen (and hidden in it the paintings Zöllner had stolen). Continuing by taxi, they stop at a shabby hotel where Kaminski, free of Miriam’s control, orders a huge meal and a prostitute.

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Ich und Kaminski SoundTrack Songs List

1. Titelmusik (2:51)
2. Dinner bei Kaminski (2:09)
3. Alte Dame (1:50)
4. Schnüffeln im Büro (3:17)
5. Die blinde Serie (1:21)
6. Aufbruch zu Therese (1:28)
7. Karl Ludwig (1:55)
8. Bodhidharma (0:47)
9. Nach der Vernissage (1:45)
10. Ankunft bei Therese (1:44)
11. Ein dünnes Buch (2:11)
12. Am Meer (4:44)
13. Schlusstitel (3:52)

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