I Trapped the Devil Songs List

I Trapped the Devil
Written by BeeBee
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I Trapped the Devil Soundtrack list – Hoping for a joyful family reunion, Matt and his wife pay a surprise visit to the home of his estranged brother, Steve, to celebrate Christmas. To their shock, they soon learn that Steve has a hostage in his basement — a man he claims is the devil.

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I Trapped the Devil SoundTrack Songs List

01. I Trapped the Devil (2:58)
02. Not Expecting Company (1:48)
03. Whatever Hurts You the Most (3:19)
04. A Brief Philosophy of the Abyss (2:37)
05. Something Feels Wrong (1:36)
06. Winter (2:00)
07. In the Basement (2:15)
08. Pattern of Evil (1:35)
09. Alone in the Attic (2:20)
10. Faith Makes People Dangerous (3:10)
11. Open the Door (3:01)
12. Meet the Devil (1:12)
13. It’s Christmas (1:55)

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