I See You Songs List

I See You
Written by BeeBee
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I See You Soundtrack list – Ten-year-old Justin Whitter is abducted while riding his bicycle through a park. Greg Harper is made lead detective on the case, assisted by Detective Spitzky. A green pocket knife is found at the scene, connecting the crime to a series of abductions committed 15 years prior by a man named Cole Gordon, who is now in prison. Greg’s family life is in ruins after his wife Jackie had an affair. Their only child, Connor remains deeply resentful towards her since he learned of the affair.

Greg and Spitzky are called in by the chief. She informs them that Cole is pushing for a mistrial in light of the new abductions. They go to speak with Braun, one of Cole’s two surviving victims, but he becomes hysterical when he sees them. Mysterious events start to occur in the Harper house: silverware goes missing, a television turns on by itself, pictures are removed from their frames, a repairman tells Jackie he was let in by her daughter, and Greg is trapped in a closet.

Jackie is visited by her former lover, Todd, who is intent on continuing the affair. After he is hit in the head by a mug that Jackie assumes Conner threw from upstairs, she hides Todd in the basement and takes Connor to school. Todd is attacked by an unknown assailant and Jackie returns home to find him dead. She panics, assuming Connor has killed him. She and Greg bury his body.

Back at home, Connor hears a clanging noise coming from the utility room and discovers the missing silverware wrapped in clothing in the washing machine. He then receives a bizarre message on his computer as a person wearing a mask appears behind him. Greg and Jackie return home to find Connor tied up in the bathtub, with a green pocket knife next to him. Jackie takes Connor to the hospital while Greg searches the house.

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I See You SoundTrack Songs List

01. An Opening (2:19)
02. I See You (1:14)
03. Vacant Stare (0:58)
04. Broken Glass (1:02)
05. The Search (0:48)
06. Intruder (0:46)
07. In the Woods (2:09)
08. Trapped (1:31)
09. What Keeps You up at Night (1:51)
10. Calling (0:36)
11. Out There Somewhere (0:55)
12. Visitor (1:32)
13. Flashback (1:19)
14. Mugged (0:37)
15. House (0:58)
16. A Pattern (2:07)
17. Phrog (4:44)
18. Bound by Violence (unknown Guests) (2:50)
19. Bastard (1:32)
20. Pills (1:47)
21. Masked (2:06)
22. Fly on the Wall (3:02)
23. Accident (2:38)
24. Bodies (magic House) (5:02)
25. Executed (1:53)
26. An Ending (3:43)

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