I Know What You Did Last Summer Songs List

I Know What You Did Last Summer
Written by BeeBee
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I Know What You Did Last Summer Soundtrack list – After a night of revelry, four friends accidentally run over a man and dump his body to conceal their secret, unaware that the following year brings a series of eerie events in their lives.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer SoundTrack Songs List

01. A Young Man On The Edge
02. Cautionary Tale
03. The Collision
04. Road Kill
05. Hiding The Body
06. Barry’s Underwater Adventure
07. Homecoming
08. Better Days
09. The Night Softly Whispers
10. The Note
11. His Name Was…
12. Barry’s Threat
13. Crabhouse Gaffing
14. Someone’s Watchin’ / Chased
15. Julie Sees A Cop
16. Here Comes Missy
17. Missy’s Story
18. Fond Memories
19. The Houseguest
20. A Little Trim / Trunk Surprise
21. Taking A Stand
22. Ray On The Spot
23. The One That Got Away
24. Missy’s Home / Threatening Gestures
25. You Didn’t See Anything
26. Barry The Protector
27. The Reaper Awaits
28. Gaffing Barry
29. Car Trouble
30. In Pursuit Of Helen
31. Catch And Release
32. No Escape For Helen
33. Julie Discovers The Truth
34. Julie Takes A Cruise
35. Final Confrontation
36. A New Beginning (Julie’s Theme)
37. Julie Takes A Shower
38. Final Confrontation (album version)

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