House of Forbidden Secrets Songs List

House of Forbidden Secrets
Written by BeeBee
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House of Forbidden Secrets Soundtrack list – Jacob is hired as the overnight security guard in an old manor, and his first night is interrupted by a dark past breaking through the boundaries of space and time.

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House of Forbidden Secrets SoundTrack Songs List

01. Forbidden Secrets (Main Title) (2:31)
02. Dust of an Ancient Crime (2:35)
03. No Way Out (2:45)
04. Samples of an Hypnotic Session (3:07)
05. A Shadow in the Back Seat (3:44)
06. Life Scraps Underground (2:42)
07. Mental Siege (2:12)
08. Solomon’s Curse (3:08)
09. Essence of Fear (3:07)
10. Brother of Death (2:48)
11. Hope of Redemption (2:21)
12. Signal of a Black Night (2:41)
13. Reverse Revolution (3:11)
14. RR BB (0:37)

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