Hellraiser Songs List

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Hellraiser Soundtrack list – During a party at hedonistic millionaire Roland Voight’s mansion, sex worker Joey comes across a mechanical puzzle box, which Voight insists he solve. Joey solves the configuration and is stabbed by a blade hidden inside the box. A portal opens, from which chains fly out and rip Joey apart, as Voight demands an audience with Leviathan.

Six years later, recovering addict Riley is living with her brother Matt, his boyfriend Colin, and their roommate Nora. Riley’s boyfriend, Trevor, convinces her to help break into an abandoned storage warehouse, where they discover the puzzle box. Returning home late, Riley gets into an argument with Matt and leaves. At an empty park, she solves the box but avoids being cut by the blade. The Cenobites, a group of deformed humanoids, appear and demand she choose another as sacrifice. Matt finds Riley blacked out and, as he tries to wake her up, inadvertently cuts himself on the box. He goes to a nearby restroom to clean his wound. Riley hears him scream and discovers that he has vanished.

Believing the box caused Matt’s disappearance, Riley and Trevor track down Serena Menaker, Voight’s former lawyer, who had hidden it in the warehouse. Menaker tries to take the box from Riley but is inadvertently cut by the blade and is later taken by the Cenobites. Riley visits Voight’s abandoned mansion, finding his journals and learning that the box has multiple configurations, each of which requires a victim to be “marked” by the box’s blade for the Cenobites to take. On completion, the box allows its holder to receive a “gift” from Leviathan, the entity that rules over Hell. Riley sees an apparition of Matt and is horrified to discover he has been flayed.

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Hellraiser SoundTrack Songs List

01. Blood Box (3:23)
02. Mansion Party (2:06)
03. Audience With God (3:42)
04. Riley’s Temptation (2:41)
05. Point of No Return (1:57)
06. Forbidden Invocation (1:26)
07. New Blood (2:27)
08. March of The Cenobites (2:09)
09. Myths & Revelations (4:14)
10. Puzzles of the Past (2:51)
11. What Is This Thing? (2:28)
12. Seduction & Destruction (3:08)
13. Torment Of Desire (3:28)
14. Perpetual Tempest (2:08)
15. Hail To The Priest (3:45)
16. Salacious Deceit (2:31)
17. Cenobite Invasion (3:27)
18. Pleasures Of Power (2:53)
19. Nefarious Exchange (2:26)
20. Such Sights to Show You (2:24)
21. Riley’s Choice (2:45)
22. Apotheosis (2:23)
23. Hellraiser (2022) End Titles Suite (2:40)

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