Heartbreakers Songs List

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Heartbreakers Soundtrack list – Max and Page Conners are a mother-daughter con artist team. When the film opens, the Conners are finishing a con on Dean Cumanno, an auto-body shop owner and small-time crook. The con, which the Conners have played many times before on other men, involves Max marrying Dean, passing out on their wedding night to avoid consummating the marriage, and then Page (posing as Dean’s secretary) luring Dean into a compromising position to justify Max’s immediate divorce and hefty settlement. The con is a success.

Page declares that she wants to go solo. Max initially relents, but when they go to the bank to split their earnings, they’re confronted by an IRS agent who declares that they owe the government a considerable sum on top of the rest of their savings, which have already been seized. Page reluctantly agrees to work one last con with Max in Palm Beach, to get enough money to pay off the IRS and set Page up to work on her own. For their target, they choose widower William B. Tensy, a tobacco baron who is addicted to his own product.

While working the main con with Tensy, Page attempts a side con without her mother’s knowledge. Page targets beachfront bartender Jack, who is worth $3 million; she tells him that her name is Jane, but develops genuine feelings for him. Max learns of the side con and tells Page to break the relationship off, which Page does reluctantly.

Tensy proposes to Max ahead of schedule, but before they can get married, he accidentally chokes and dies while trying to initiate sex with Max. While Max and Page are deciding what to do with the body, Dean arrives, having tracked Max down to apologize and propose to her again. Dean figures out that Max and Page conned him, and threatens to call the authorities. Max offers to return Dean’s divorce settlement money if he’ll help them make Tensy’s death look like an accident. Max tells Page that their money wasn’t really taken by the IRS; the agent was Max’s mentor, Barbara, who agreed to help prevent Page from leaving. However, when Max, Page and Dean go to the bank, the money really was gone, having been liquidated in an act of betrayal by Barbara.

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Heartbreakers SoundTrack Songs List

1. Main Title (1:10)
2. Cafe Split (2:21)
3. Burned Out Blue (2:56)
4. T. Ray Gallery (0:56)
5. King’s Exhibit (5:11)
6. The Hospital (0:36)
7. Funeral (1:33)
8. Liliane (2:20)
9. Exhausted Blue (2:00)
10. Eli’s Workout (2:01)
11. Liliane And Eli (1:20)
12. I Beat You (2:47)
13. Pre-Exhibit Jitters (0:40)
13. Arthur Blue Exhibit (4:53)
15. Liliane’s Regret (1:06)
16. End Title (3:44)

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