Happy Ending Songs List

Happy Ending
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Happy Ending Soundtrack list – Writer Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) wrote a hit book five and a half years ago and is still living life king-size in Los Angeles, enjoying fame and affairs, avoiding commitment, doing no work, partying with his miserably married friend Montu (Ranvir Shorey) or having conversations with his fat, bearded inner voice brother Yogi (also Saif). Suddenly, Yudi’s money runs out and his publishers dump him for hit romance novelist Aanchal (Ileana D’Cruz), visiting from Mumbai.

The only work Yudi now gets is from Bollywood single-screen superstar Armaan (Govinda) who insists he copies Hollywood films and writes a multiplex-style romedy, a mix of romance and comedy. Meanwhile, Yudi’s dentist and once-girlfriend Vishakha (Kalki Koechlin) is pursuing him obsessively, even loading videos of him singing in the shower on her laptop, forcing Yudi and Montu to break into her home when she’s away. On top of this, Yudi’s got severe writer’s block, stopping him from finishing any work.

Running away from it all, Yudi tries to charm Aanchal but she’s commitment-averse too. However, she gradually warms up to him, escorting him to Armaan’s party, trying to help Yudi write, even agreeing to take a road trip with him to her book reading in San Francisco.

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Happy Ending SoundTrack Songs List

1. Jeg har aldrig hadet dig (2:23)
2. Nede og vende (1:36)
3. Happy Ending (2:31)
4. Garten Eden (1:50)
5. Store Planer (1:44)
6. 1,8 Millioner Kroner (2:41)
7. Jeg har lyst til at bide ham i hovedet (2:13)
8. Er det min vin I drikker? (1:16)
9. Og nu er hun blevet omvendt (2:05)
10. Claire de Lune (Happy Ending version) (3:36)
11. Hun er blevet fortrolig med en kvinde (1:31)
12. Man holder da ikke pause nar man er gift (1:24)

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