Halloween Kills Songs List

Halloween Kills
Written by BeeBee
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Halloween Kills Soundtrack list – On October 31, 1978, Deputy Frank Hawkins accidentally shoots his partner dead while trying to save him from Michael Myers. He also prevents Dr. Samuel Loomis from executing Michael. Forty years later, on October 31, 2018, after being stabbed and left to die by Dr. Ranbir Sartain, Hawkins is found by Cameron Elam, who calls an ambulance. Hawkins regrets not allowing Michael’s execution and vows to kill him. Meanwhile, Tommy Doyle celebrates the 40th anniversary of Michael’s imprisonment along with fellow survivors Marion Chambers, Lindsey Wallace, and Cameron’s father, Lonnie Elam, having each survived an encounter with Michael in 1978. Firefighters responding to Laurie Strode’s burning house inadvertently release Michael, who slaughters them with their own equipment. Laurie, her daughter Karen, and her granddaughter Allyson are taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where Laurie undergoes emergency surgery, as Michael murders Laurie’s neighbors before making his way back to Haddonfield. Tommy, Marion, Lindsey, and Lonnie learn of Michael’s killing spree through a wireless emergency alert. Bar patron Vanessa supposedly encounters Michael in her car, but the driver crashes and escapes unnoticed. Tommy forms a mob of vengeful Haddonfield residents to hunt down and kill Michael. Karen is informed that Michael is still alive and withholds that information from Laurie to allow her to recover. Allyson reconciles with Cameron, her ex-boyfriend, and she joins Tommy’s mob to avenge her own father’s death. Laurie and Hawkins both awaken in the same room and reminisce about their former relationship.

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Halloween Kills SoundTrack Songs List

01. Logos Kill (1:22)
02. Halloween Kills (Main Title) (1:47)
03. The Myer’s House (0:42)
04. First Attack (0:58)
05. Stand Off (1:42)
06. Let It Burn (1:14)
07. He Appears (1:00)
08. From The Fire (1:19)
09. Strodes At The Hospital (2:26)
10. Cruel Intentions (2:38)
11. Gather The Mob (1:12)
12. Rampage (3:59)
13. Frank And Laurie (1:50)
14. Hallway Madness (1:38)
15. It Needs To Die (6:53)
16. Reflection (1:28)
17. Unkillable (3:45)
18. Payback (2:32)
19. Michael’s Legend (2:37)
20. Halloween Kills (End Titles) (3:09)

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