Hacker Songs List

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Hacker Soundtrack list – As a family of immigrants who moved to Canada, the Danyliuk’s subsequently struggle for money and have to live on welfare.

Alex grew up with no friends and spent his time online, playing games. He later started making money as a “Clicker” by generating online traffic to earn revenue for websites.

He eventually leaves home to live in Toronto to attend college. To make extra money to support himself, Alex turns to a life of crime and identity theft, with the help of Sye, a street-wise hustler who introduces him to the world of black market trading. They start with lost and stolen credit cards and fake transactions. Alex gets caught trying to defraud the International Bank of Canada, the bank that fired his mom, and persuades Curtis, the bank’s Head of Security, by making a deal of fixing their unsecure site and computers for free, in exchange of letting him and Sye go.

What Alex did was leaked to the Dark Web. He received a lot of praises from other members of the Dark Web for what he did, because it was unusual to hack a bank by physically visiting it. This act caught the attention of Zed, a mysterious masked figure, who’s known as the head of the Dark Web.

Rim of the World Songs List

Hacker SoundTrack Songs List

1. Hacker Intro / Escaping (2:18)
2. Hacker Spotted (5:15)
3. No One to Trust (2:52)
4. The Subway Station (3:10)
5. Entering the Cave (3:50)
6. Hacking Test (1:15)
7. Mom Gone (2:00)
8. Mom Captured (3:02)
9. Finding Ghost (2:41)
10. Chased by Time (2:58)
11. Sneaking on the Police (2:50)
12. No One to Trust (Reprise) (2:08)
13. Military Coming (2:50)
14. Breaking Firewall (3:15)
15. The Swat (2:45)
16. The Plan (3:46)
17. Reunion (2:15)
18. The Plot Deepens (2:18)
19. Last Escape (2:46)
20. Taking Action (2:42)
21. Captured (2:40)
22. Switching Cables (1:46)
23. Fleeing the Bunker (2:22)
24. Hacker Outro (4:36)

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