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Written by BeeBee
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Go Soundtrack list – Around Christmas, Ronna, working overtime at her supermarket job to avoid being evicted, is approached by Adam and Zack to buy 20 hits of ecstasy, which they had hoped to buy from her absent co-worker, Simon. After work, Ronna approaches Simon’s dealer, Todd, for the pills. She is unable to pay the full amount so she leaves her friend Claire with Todd as collateral. Ronna meets with Adam and Zack but grows suspicious of Burke, a stranger accompanying them who presses her for the ecstasy. She flushes the drugs down the toilet and leaves, then steals over-the-counter pills to replace them, helped by Manny (Nathan Bexton) who had covertly swallowed two of the ecstasy pills, unaware of their strength. Ronna gives 20 of the fake pills to Todd. She, Claire, and Manny then go to a rave where she sells the rest of the fake pills as ecstasy.

The Lodgers Songs List

Go SoundTrack Songs List

01. No Doubt – New (4:14)
02. Len – Steal My Sunshine (4:09)
03. Philip Steir(Featuring Steppenwolf) – Magic Carpet Ride (3:26)
04. Natalie Imbruglia – Troubled By the Way We Came Together (3:51)
05. Fatboy Slim – Gangster Tripping (5:20)
06. Jimmy Luxury & The Tommy Rome Orchestra – Cha Cha Cha (“Go” Remix) (3:28)
07. Esthero with Danny Saber – Song for Holly (4:07)
08. Lionrock – Fire Up the Shoesaw (LP Version) (5:44)
09. Goldo – To All the Lovely Ladies (3:15)
10. DJ Rap – Good to be alive (4:16)
11. BT – Believer (5:12)
12. Eagle-eye Cherry – Shooting Up in Vain (T-Ray Remix) (4:51)
13. Air French Band – Talisman (4:17)
14. Leftfield (Featuring Nicole Willis) – Swords (7:18)

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