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FX2 Soundtrack list – Rollie Tyler (Bryan Brown) is a well-respected designer of film special effects. He uses his expertise to design high-end robotic toys, such as a robot clown controlled by a telemetry suit and named Bluey, or to create fun effects such as safely setting his finger aflame with a gel covering. When his girlfriend’s ex-husband, Mike Brandon (Tom Mason), is assigned to stakeout a killer who had murdered a model but served a reduced sentence, he asks Rollie to create a trap to put the murderer back in prison. The trap involves using a supermodel getting ready to have a shower in the apartment across the street from the murderer, and once he’s shown to the team watching him that he’s about to take violent action, the supermodel is switched out the apartment’s back door and Mike takes her place to arrest the murderer. Rollie set-up small cameras in the apartment as well so that he could watch from his van in the street. As the murderer enters the apartment, another man appears behind Mike and kills him. Rollie sees this and rushes towards the apartment, passing Mike’s killer in the stairwell before recognizing him. Meanwhile, Mike’s boss Ray Silak (Philip Bosco) enters the apartment with the team and shoots the model murderer. Rollie tells Silak that the killer got away but Silak wonders why he would think that there was a third person in the apartment.

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FX2 SoundTrack Songs List

01. Main Titles (2:48)
02. The Inside Movie (1:33)
03. Bluey (1:32)
04. Reflections (0:48)
05. First sketckes (0:36)
06. Silak – De Marco – Kylie (2:43)
07. Something’s Wrong – The Blade – Rado (3:48)
08. Rollie’s Regret (1:13)
09. 4M3 – Electric Tension (2:17)
10. The Real Rado (2:43)
11. Rado Attacks – Rado Chase Rollie (2:48)
12. Monster Fake out – The Medallion Story (1:23)
13. 7M1A (0:41)
14. Ado Talks Kim – Rado at the Mall (0:38)
15. Popcorn (film version) (2:01)
16. Hairspray – The Cart (2:58)
17. Loading Van – Autowrap (0:50)
18. Kid Stuff (1:01)
19. Chase Sequence (1:41)
20. Game Over – Last Explosion (1:46)
21. Bluey’s End – End Titles (2:56)
22. Slow Dance (3:21)
23. Montage (1:47)
24. Rap Tune (2:20)
25. Sub (0:48)
26. Mansion (0:38)
27. The Trip (0:48)
28. White Boy Blues (1:26)
29. Popcorn (original version) (3:16)
30. 8M2 (0:48)
31. Soy Source (1:09)
32. Liz’s Source (3:02)
33. Church Time (2:42)
34. Offeratory (1:13)

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