Fuga Dal Bronx Songs List

Fuga Dal Bronx
Written by BeeBee
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Fuga Dal Bronx Soundtrack list – Several years after the events of 1990: The Bronx Warriors, Trash (Mark Gregory), former leader of the Riders gang is now a cynical loner, remaining in the impoverished, lawless wasteland of the Bronx and trading in stolen ammunition.

The General Construction (GC) Corporation, led by President Clarke (Enio Girolami), wish to tear down the Bronx to turn it into “the city of the future”. To do this they need to clear the current population from the area and have employed expelled prison warden Floyd Wangler (Henry Silva) and a private battalion of Disinfestors to burn, shoot and gas those that will not leave willingly.

While the bums, vagrants and elderly are easy prey, the remains of the warrior gangs of the Bronx will not go quietly and a rebel army of all surviving Bronx gangs led by Doblòn (Antonio Sabàto) is holed up underground.

When Trash’s parents are burned alive by Disinfestors, he begins to take revenge by leading ruthless guerrilla attacks on the clean up squads which in turn leads to the GC Corporation and Floyd Wangler trying ever nastier means of subverting the rebellion (such as rigging hostages with bombs). Then Wangler calls all the squads’ leaders and addresses them to a main order: find and kill Trash because the remains of the underground gangs could recognize him as a new charismatic leader for his courage and his ability. Trash, Doblòn, and a crusading reporter named Moon Gray (Valerie Dobson) then team up with psychotic mercenary Crazy Strike (Timothy Brent/Giancarlo Prete) and his equally crazy son (Alessandro Prete) to try a surprise action: the kidnap of President Clarke as a move to put the Bronx back in the hands of the gangs.

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Fuga Dal Bronx SoundTrack Songs List

01. Comanche Rock (0:28)
02. Escape Sequence 1+2 (2:48)
03. Escape Sequence 3 (1:19)
04. Escape Sequence 4 (2:44)
05. Escape Sequence 5 (1:10)
06. Escape Sequence 6+7 (2:10)
07. Escape Sequence 8 (0:52)
08. Escape Sequence 9+10 (1:59)
09. Escape Sequence 11+12+1+14 (4:17)
10. Escape Sequence 15+16+17 (3:40)
11. Escape Sequence 18 (2:33)
12. Escape Sequence 19+14 (2:56)
13. Escape Sequence 21+22 (2:21)
14. Escape Sequence 23 (1:54)
15. Escape Sequence 24+25 (3:23)
16. Escape Sequence 26+27 (2:29)
17. Escape Sequence 28+29+30 (2:32)
18. Escape Sequence 1 (2:01)
19. Escape Sequence 2+3 (2:09)
20. Escape Sequence 4 (2:47)
21. Escape Sequence 5+6 (3:03)
22. Escape Sequence 7+8+9 (2:44)
23. Escape Sequence 10+11+12 (3:26)
24. Escape Sequence 14 (1:15)
25. Escape Sequence 15+16+17 (3:38)
26. Escape Sequence 18 (2:35)
27. Escape Sequence 19+21+22 (3:58)
28. Escape Sequence 23+24 (2:56)
29. Escape Sequence 25 (2:23)
30. Escape Sequence 26 (2:16)
31. Escape Sequence 27+28+29+30 (2:44)

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