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Friends Soundtrack list – Neglected 15-year-old English boy Paul Harrison, living in Paris with his wealthy businessman father, befriends an orphaned 14-year-old French girl named Michelle Latour who has recently arrived in Paris to live with her cousin. However, Michelle finds the situation in her cousin’s Montmartre apartment to be disturbingly unwholesome.

Together, Paul and Michelle decide to run away. They travel to the idyllic marshlands of the Camargue where Michelle has a very small cottage to which she and her recently deceased artist father periodically escaped from their home in Arles. Paul and Michelle settle into the house, become lovers, have a baby and play at being responsible adults. Along the way, they each discover many of the troubles of family life.

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Friends SoundTrack Songs List

1. Friends (2:26)
2. Honey Roll (3:02)
3. Seasons (3:59)
4. Variations on Michelle’s Song (A Day in the Country) (2:49)
5. Can I Put You On (5:57)
6. Michelle’s Song (4:23)
7. I Meant To Do My Work Today (A Day in the Country) (1:38)
8. Four Moods (11:01)
9. Seasons Reprise (1:32)

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