French Kiss Songs List

French Kiss
Written by BeeBee
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French Kiss Soundtrack list – Kate plans to confront her straying fiance who stays in France. On her way she meets Luc, a thief, who hides a stolen necklace in her bag. Her life changes when she falls in love with Luc.

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French Kiss SoundTrack Songs List

01. Sorry I Don’t Speak French (1:20)
02. Where’s My Laptop? (1:58)
03. Scaffolding Poof (1:10)
04. Flying Laptop (1:27)
05. River Magic (0:22)
06. Margaux’s Eyes (1:00)
07. To the Arche (1:09)
08. Magic in the Rain (1:18)
09. To the Graveyard (1:22)
10. Graveyard (1:21)
11. Are You Real (1:30)
12. Eiffel Tower (3:36)

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