Free Willy Songs List

Free Willy
Written by BeeBee
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Free Willy Soundtrack list – Near the coastline of the Pacific Northwest, a pod of killer whales is peacefully swimming. The pod is tracked down by a group of whalers. One of the orcas has a distinguishable set of three spots. The orca gets trapped and sent to the Northwest Adventure Park while his family is unable to help.

Months later in Portland, Oregon, Jesse, a troubled 12-year-old abandoned by his estranged mother six years earlier, spent three days in the streets after fleeing from Cooperton until police catch him and Perry, who escaped, vandalizing the park’s observation room where Jesse encountered the orca named Willy. Jesse’s social worker Dwight earns him a reprieve by having him clean up the graffiti despite his placement with the Greenwoods remaining intact. His foster parents are the supportive and kind Annie and Glen Greenwood, but Jesse is initially unruly and hostile to them.

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Free Willy SoundTrack Songs List

1. Main Titles, The Capture (4:50)
2. Getting Some Food (0:43)
3. Chased by the Cops (0:45)
4. In The Dark (1:25)
5. Arrested (0:36)
6. A Lost Mother (0:34)
7. A New Home (0:35)
8. First Night (0:22)
9. Looking For Randolf (1:47)
10. Getting At Work (0:43)
11. Connection (1:45)
12. Saved by a Killer Whale (1:31)
13. Eyes That Discovered The Stars (0:26)
14. Going to the Seapark (0:26)
15. A Friend in Distress (0:53)
16. Willy’s Soulmate (4:18)
17. How to Train A Killer Whale (1:00)
18. The Legend Of Natsaclane (1:27)
19. Friends (3:32)
20. ‘My Mother Will Come Back!’ (0:37)
21. Dispute at Home (2:16)
22. The Way It Is (1:32)
23. Audition (2:00)
24. The Willy Show (0:38)
25. The Failure (1:44)
26. Saying Goodbye (6:01)
27. Let’s Free Him I (3:41)
28. Let’s Free Him II (1:17)
29. The Tree Across The Road (1:49)
30. He’s Gonna Die (1:55)
31. Let’s Free Him III (2:48)
32. Finale (8:14)

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