Frankenstein Songs List

Written by BeeBee
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Frankenstein Soundtrack list – In a village of the Bavarian Alps, Henry Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz, a hunchback, piece together a human body. Some of the parts are from freshly buried bodies, and some from the bodies of recently hanged criminals. In a laboratory he’s built inside a watchtower, Henry desires to create a human, giving this body life through electrical devices. He still needs a brain for his creation. At a nearby school, Henry’s former teacher Dr. Waldman shows his class the brain of an average human being and the corrupted brain of a criminal for comparison. Henry sends Fritz to steal the healthy brain from Waldman’s class. Fritz accidentally damages it, and so brings Henry the corrupt brain.

Henry’s fiancée Elizabeth speaks with their friend Victor about the scientist’s peculiar actions and his seclusion. Elizabeth and Victor ask Waldman for help understanding Henry’s behavior, and Waldman reveals he is aware Henry wishes to create life. Concerned for Henry, they arrive at the lab just as he makes his final preparations, the lifeless body on an operating table. As a storm rages, Henry invites Elizabeth and the others to watch. Henry and Fritz raise the operating table toward an opening at the top of the tower. The creature and Henry’s equipment are exposed to the lightning storm and empowered, bringing the creature to life.

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Frankenstein SoundTrack Songs List

1. orchestral suite (12:23)
2. vintage suite (12:15)
3. organ suite (13:18)
4. bass suite (13:05)
5. piano suite (12:15)
6. impro suite (12:25)

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