Fragiles Songs List

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Fragiles Soundtrack list – A nurse at an old children’s hospital struggles to protect her charges from a mysterious and evil force. The hospital is at the point of being abandoned when a train crash brings multiple victims to its doors. Amid the chaos, the nurse is drawn to a group of orphans who seem to be under the influence of a restless spirit that haunts the hospital.

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Fragiles SoundTrack Songs List

01. Susan Scared (3:51)
02. Fragile, Main Title (4:52)
03. Sad Women (3:10)
04. Upstairs Noises (4:13)
05. About Love Kiss (2:30)
06. Trapped Into Elevator (3:24)
07. Amy Looks for Susan (2:06)
08. Roy’s Death (2:52)
09. Negligence (2:02)
10. Maggie’s Illness (4:23)
11. Meeting Charlotte (5:49)
12. The Photo (1:24)
13. Let’s Get Out of Here (7:32)
14. We Can’t Leave! (3:10)
15. She’s Got Maggie (3:11)
16. Requiem for Amy (4:19)
17. They Just Stay Near What They Love (4:15)
18. Maggie’s Theme (1:32)

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