For the Love Of The Game

For Love of the Game Soundtrack
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The film is typical of American cinema classified and formatted to appeal to the whole family full of good feelings dripping. This is a bit of a mess on the part of Sam Raimi because of the point of view staged it looks like a tv movie it is so classic. The music is pervasive and pulls teardrop is absolutely unbearable. It prevents Kevin Costner is convincing an old baseball player. The film is still managed my sense is that cat it is a beautiful tribute to the favourite entertainment of the Americans and sports in general.

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For The Love Of  The Game SoundTrack

01. Main Title / Billy Chapel Story
02. Walk In The Park
03. London
04. Memories Of The Glove
05. Today, I’m Throwing Hard
06. Tuttle Knockdown
07. Strike 3
08. Fixing Jane’s Car
09. Wives Seat
10. How Do You Like To Be Kissed
11. I’ll Be There
12. Clear The Mechanism
13. Jane’s Home
14. Relationship Montage
15. Gus Hits
16. The Accident
17. Coming Back
18. Lemonade
19. Tuttle Part II-Memories
20. New Boyfriend
21. No Hits [Unused]
23. The Decision
24. Like You Did A Million Times
25. A Perfect Game
26. The Apology
27. Jane’s Home [Alternate]
28. A Perfect Game (Last Pitch) [Alternate]
29. Throwing Hard
30. No Hits [Alternate]

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