Fighting with My Family Songs List

Fighting with My Family
Written by BeeBee
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Fighting with My Family Soundtrack list – Wrestlers Rick and Julia Knight raise their children, Saraya and Zak, to follow in their footsteps; as young adults, the siblings apply to join the WWE, and are evaluated by veteran trainer Hutch Morgan, who agrees to let them try out before a SmackDown taping at The O2 Arena, where they meet WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Shortly before her tryout, Saraya adopts the stage name “Paige”.

Morgan chooses Paige to train for the WWE, but not Zak, despite Paige’s protests. Morgan forces Zak to return home after making it clear he will never be signed to the WWE, leaving Paige with no one to stick up for her. Arriving at NXT in Florida, Paige has difficulty with the training, especially given that her fellow trainees are mostly models and cheerleaders who have no wrestling experience and thus make poor opponents. Paige also struggles with performing choreographed promos as they clash with her own natural instincts, and suffers from Morgan’s constant belittlement of her mistakes.

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Fighting with My Family SoundTrack Songs List

1. Jack Lowden,Dwayne Johnson,Florence Pugh – Dialogue: The Rock’s Speech (1:08)
2. James Alan Johnston – Electrifying (2:29)
3. Ellie Goulding – Do You Remember (3:02)
4. Florence Pugh,Julia Davis,Stephen Merchant,Nick Frost,Lena Heady,Jack Lowden,Hannah Rae – Dialogue: Meet The Parents (0:25)
5. Iron Maiden – Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter (4:43)
6. Florence Pugh,Vince Vaughn – Dialogue: Promo Class (0:43)
7. Cayetana – Certain For Miles (Live) (4:29)
8. Dwayne Johnson,Nick Frost,Florence Pugh – Dialogue: The Rock Calls Ricky (0:38)
9. ALO – Christmas Time (5:25)
10. Thunderpussy – Taking Care Of Business (5:45)
11. Motörhead – Born To Raise Hell (5:00)
12. Florence Pugh – Dialogue: Paige’s Final Speech (0:45)
13. Cfo$ – Stars In The Night (2:54)
14. The Big Moon – She’s Electric (2:31)
15. Sibling Match (0:53)
16. Meet the Knights (2:57)
17. Tryout (1:15)
18. Zak’s Goodbye (1:03)
19. Welcome To The Suck (1:39)
20. Beach Drill (2:49)
21. This Is My House (2:41)

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