Evidence Songs List

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Evidence Soundtrack list – Detectives (Radha Mitchell, Stephen Moyer) use clues from various recording devices to piece together events surrounding a massacre involving bus passengers at an abandoned gas station.

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Evidence SoundTrack Songs List

1. 1m01 v2.0 Opening Titles (4:25)
2. 1m02 c0207 DF v1.9 The Calvary’s Arrived (1:22)
3. 1m03 c0207 DF v1.5 Everthing on Tape Matters (0:47)
4. 2m04 c0207 DF v1.6 Who’s That? (1:35)
5. 2m05 c0207 DF v1.0 Fleischman (0:54)
6. 2m06 c0207 DF v1.1 Not Our Driver (0:35)
7. 2m07 v1.7 Blow Torch (2:42)
8. 3m08 v1.5 You’re Gonna Wanna See It (2:49)
9. 3m09 c0207 DF v1.4 I’ve Been Waiting for You (1:32)
10. 3m10 c0207 DF v1.2 Positive (0:59)
11. 4m11 v1.9 What Was That About? (2:02)
12. 4m12 v1.3 No More Video (0:52)
13. 4m13 v1.7 Big Fuckin’ Game (4:13)
14. 4m14 v1.5 Luck of the Irish (5:24)
15. 4m15 c0207 DF v2.3 We’re Gonna Get Him (4:18)
16. 5m16-17 c0207 AODF v3.1 Deleted Scenes (6:06)
17. 5m18 v2.0 Mains on End (5:47)

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