Enquête à cœur ouvert (open-heart investigation) Songs List

Enquête à cœur ouvert (open-heart investigation)
Written by BeeBee
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Enquête à cœur ouvert (open-heart investigation) – In the vicinity of Biarritz on the Basque coast , Sterre Ana Daendels, a 23-year-old Belgian student nicknamed Ana, is the victim of a fatal car accident.

The Biarritz hospital center contacts Florence, who is on the waiting list, to tell her that a heart is available and that she will be able to benefit from the long-awaited transplant. Anxious, Florence leaves a farewell letter in her drawer for the attention of her adopted daughter Zoé.

Warned by the French police, Ana’s father, Simon Daendels, a Belgian doctor who works 11 months out of 12 in Africa for the NGO Alter Mundis, rushes to Biarritz to find out what happened to his daughter. Lieutenant Lagarde returns Ana’s belongings to him and explains to him that it is a simple road accident, nothing abnormal. Learning by telephone that Ana had left her boyfriend Niels, a doctor in Antwerp in Flanders, Simon returns to Antwerp and discovers that his daughter’s apartment is completely empty and that Ana had stopped studying medicine and left Belgium to settle in Biarritz and devote herself to her passion, music. Niels reveals to Simon that Ana had called him a few days before her death, that she had met someone and it sounded like she felt stalked.

Lieutenant Lagarde phones Simon in Antwerp to tell him that Ana’s landlady in Biarritz had called and to give him her address in Biarritz.

Meanwhile, Florence, who is increasingly haunted by nightmares after her heart transplant and desperately wants to know the identity of her donor, searches the internet for mention of a suicide or a car accident at the date of her transplant and she finds a press article mentioning the death in a violent car accident near Arcangues of a young woman of Belgian nationality, Sterre D. In addition, Florence and Vincent have more and more problems with Zoé, 15, who accepts less and less her condition as an adopted girl.

Simon Daendels returns to Biarritz to visit the room his daughter rented there. The landlady reveals to her that Ana had a boyfriend, a Belgian guitarist named Jan, and that they had had a violent argument shortly before Ana’s accident. In Ana’s personal belongings, Simon discovers her diary in which he learns that Ana was pregnant: she had also written there “I no longer want to live with this in me. I want to rediscover the joy of living. I am made for happiness. You will not have managed to break that. You will pay for the harm you have done to me”.

But the French police refuses to open the investigation again on this basis: Simon then launches into his own investigation.

Simon learns that Ana was pregnant and had made an appointment at the Gynecology Medical Center to have an abortion. He goes there but he learns that she did not show up for the appointment.

In the meantime, Zoé poses more and more problems: she abandons her classical dance lessons, skips classes in high school , gives the headmaster the finger of honor , hangs out with boys much older than her and starts to dealer.

Florence goes to the police to learn more about the young Sterre D. who died in the car accident but Lieutenant Lagarde refuses to tell her more. Florence leaves him her phone number. Simon goes to the police station shortly after and tries, on the basis of the revelations of Niels and the diary, to convince Lagarde that his daughter was being tracked and that this accident was a murder: Lagarde does not want to follow him on this track but she nevertheless gives him Florence’s phone number.

Simon arranges to meet Florence at the Biarritz casino , shows her a photo of Ana and reveals to her that, if the announcement of the organ donation had been very violent for him, he was happy to know now that the heart of his daughter had saved someone’s life.

Simon and Florence investigate together and return to the police to accuse Jan, the Belgian guitarist, of Ana’s murder and drug trafficking. The police summon Jan and then search his home.

Jan returns home to Antwerp with Zoé, who has become his girlfriend: in a crate of Ana’s personal belongings kept by Jan, Zoé discovers a letter which reveals to him the identity and address of the biological mother of Ana. Simon and Florence go to the Flemish metropolis to find Zoé and are soon joined by Vincent.

Zoé, joined by Simon and Vincent, meet Ana’s mother who explains that her husband did not want this child: suspicion falls on him but the couple has a solid alibi for the date of Ana’s death.

Clues then point to Niels, the Antwerp doctor who was Ana’s last boyfriend, and establish his guilt.

Six months later, Florence and Vincent help their daughter to complete a process with the child welfare service that allows Zoé to finally get in touch with her biological mother.

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Enquête à cœur ouvert (open-heart investigation) Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Enquête à cœur ouvert (2:58)
2. Album photo (0:59)
3. Ana (2:36)
4. Anvers (1:18)
5. Suburb of Anvers (0:50)
6. Flo (1:37)
7. Trafic d’organe (1:57)
8. Départ pour l’inconnu (0:45)
9. Entraille (3:30)
10. Zoé (1:09)
11. Générique (1:16)

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