Enola Holmes Songs List

Enola Holmes
Written by BeeBee
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Enola Holmes Soundtrack list – Enola Holmes is the youngest sibling in the Holmes family. She is extremely intelligent, observant, and insightful, defying the social norms for women of the time. Her mother, Eudoria, has taught her everything from chess to jujitsu and encouraged her to be strong-willed and independent.

On her sixteenth birthday, Enola wakes to find that her mother has disappeared, leaving behind only some gifts. A week later, she meets her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock. Sherlock finds her intelligent, whereas Mycroft finds her troublesome, and as her legal guardian intends to send her away to a finishing school run by the stern Miss Harrison.

The flower cards left by her mother reveal secret messages and lead to hidden money, which Enola uses to escape disguised as a boy. On the train, she finds the young Viscount Tewkesbury hidden in a travel bag. She thinks he is a nincompoop, but warns him that a man in a brown bowler hat (named Linthorn) is on the train searching for him. Linthorn finds and tries to kill Tewkesbury, who escapes with Enola by jumping off the train. Tewkesbury forages for edible plants and fungi, and the two return to London and part ways.

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Enola Holmes SoundTrack Songs List

01. Enola Holmes (Wild Child) (3:01)
02. Gifts from Mother (1:10)
03. Mycroft & Sherlock Holmes (1:02)
04. Cracking the Chrysanthemums Cypher (2:36)
05. The Game Is Afoot (1:53)
06. Train Escape (3:33)
07. Nincompoop (1:38)
08. Marquis (1:23)
09. Fields of London (1:10)
10. London Arrival (2:31)
11. Dressing Up Box (1:18)
12. Messages for Mother (1:44)
13. The Limehouse Puzzle (2:15)
14. Limehouse Lane (2:42)
15. Fight Combat (3:22)
16. Edge of a Cliff (1:41)
17. Basilwether Hall (1:36)
18. Forest Clues (2:48)
19. Tewkesbury’s Trail (1:41)
20. Escaping Lestrade (1:54)
21. Making a Lady (3:16)
22. School Escape (2:52)
23. Tick Tock (3:49)
24. For England (3:34)
25. Ha! (1:16)
26. Enola & Tewkesbury Farewell (2:56)
27. An Old Friend (1:54)
28. Mother (1:59)
29. Enola Holmes (The Future Is Up to Us) (3:46)

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