Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark Songs List

Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark
Written by BeeBee
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Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark Soundtrack list – Buxom Los Angeles TV horror hostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, quits her job after the station’s new owner sexually harasses her. She plans to open an act in Las Vegas, but needs $50,000 for the project. Upon learning she is a beneficiary of her deceased great-aunt Morgana, she travels to Fallwell, Massachusetts, to claim the inheritance, which includes a mansion, a recipe book and Morgana’s pet poodle, Algonquin.

In Fallwell, Elvira’s worldly attitude and revealing clothes set the conservative town council against her, but theater operator Bob Redding befriends her. The town’s teenagers quickly accept her, to the chagrin of their parents, who consider her a bad influence. Bowling alley owner Patty is interested in Bob, and at Elvira’s late-night horror film festival at Bob’s theater she succeeds in humiliating Elvira. Elvira struggles to sell the house so she can depart for Las Vegas. Meanwhile, she is unaware that her harsh but seemingly-harmless uncle, Vincent Talbot, is actually a warlock who is obsessed with obtaining Morgana’s spellbook. He offers Elvira $50.00 for the book. When he visits Morgana’s house to buy it from Elvira, Algonquin hides it much to Vincent’s dismay. He plans to kill Elvira and conquer the world, and has been fueling the townspeople’s hostility.

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Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark SoundTrack Songs List

1. Mark Pierson – Movie Macabre (Elvira’s Theme) (Instrumental) (1:24)
2. Lori Chacko – Once Bitten, Twice Shy (2:51)
3. James Campbell – Dream Of Winning Big (Instrumental) (0:59)
4. Gary Austin – Chicken Fried Steak (1:12)
5. James Campbell – New In Town (Instrumental) (0:46)
6. Pamela Miller – Tuesday’s Come And Gone (1:30)
7. James Campbell – Backstory (Instrumental) (1:22)
8. James Campbell – Schemes and Losses (Instrumental) (0:33)
9. James Campbell – Gonk’s Makeover (Instrumental) (0:35)
10. James Campbell – Striptease (Instrumental) (0:56)
11. James Campbell – Call From Beyond (Instrumental) (1:00)
12. Larry Wright – Shout (1:37)
13. James Campbell – Realtor Tango-Dreams (Instrumental) (1:14)
14. Jess Harnell – A Town Without Pity (1:23)
15. James Campbell – Sneeking Out (Instrumental) (1:11)
16. Michael Sembello – Maniac (Theme to Flashdance) (4:11)
17. James Campbell – Seduction Moves (Instrumental) (1:05)
18. James Campbell – Spell Cooking For Learners (Instrumental) (1:06)
19. James Campbell – Attic History (Instrumental) (1:52)
20. James Campbell – Bad Shiner Band (Instrumental) (0:31)
21. James Campbell – Picnic Food (Instrumental) (0:45)
22. Joanna St. Claire – I Put A Spell On You (0:59)
23. Dan Slider – Weeping Like A Willow (Instrumental) (1:55)
24. James Campbell – Town Against Elvira (Instrumental) (0:45)
25. James Campbell – Stake Building-Book Taken-Gonk’s Change (Instrumental) (2:02)
26. James Campbell – Gonk Rescue’s Bob (Instrumental) (0:43)
27. James Campbell – At The Stake-Inner Power (Instrumental) (2:19)
28. James Campbell – Warlock Rampage (Instrumental) (3:09)
29. James Campbell – Vincent Defeated (Instrumental) (2:21)
30. Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) – Here I Am (1:46)
31. James Campbell – Tassel Dance (Instrumental) (0:48)
32. James Campbell – Credits Rock (Instrumental) (2:28)
33. The Isley Brothers – Shout (Bonus) (4:24)
34. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put A Spell On You (Bonus) (2:26)

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