Durante La Tormenta (Mirage) Songs List

Durante La Tormenta (Mirage)
Written by BeeBee
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Durante La Tormenta (Mirage) Soundtrack list – In 1989, during the fall of the Berlin Wall and a 72-hour-long electrical storm, a boy named Nico, while recording a video in his house, hears some noises and sees a fight scene in his neighbors’ house through a window. He goes to the house only to find the body of Ms. Weiss, the wife of the neighbor Angel Prieto. Seeing Mr. Prieto with a knife, Nico tries to escape and is accidentally hit by a car on the road. Prieto is arrested with the murder weapon in hand as Nico dies in the car accident.

Curiosa Songs List

Durante La Tormenta (Mirage) SoundTrack Songs List

01. Nico Lasarte (2:59)
02. Un nuevo hogar (1:03)
03. Una noche como esta (3:16)
04. Hola, ?me oyes? (9:20)
05. ?Qué es lo último que recuerdas? (2:20)
06. Observa y recordarás (3:36)
07. La casa de al lado (3:39)
08. ?Qué haces en mi casa? (4:00)
09. Mirage (3:51)
10. Arabesco (3:37)
11. La historia de Nico Lasarte (6:12)
12. Ahora te toca a ti (9:31)
13. Despertar de nuevo (7:04)
14. Créditos finales (1:36)

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