Dunston Checks In Songs List

Dunston Checks In
Written by BeeBee
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Dunston Checks In Soundtrack list – Lionel Spalding (Glenn Shadix) and his dog Neil arrive at the prestigious, five-star Majestic Hotel where, due to a prank by Kyle Grant (Eric Lloyd) and his older brother Brian (Graham Sack), an overflowing fountain accidentally drenches him, greatly frustrating the hotel manager and the boys’ widowed father Robert (Jason Alexander). He is disappointed with the boys but they are guaranteed a vacation in Barbados afterward, only for the ruthless, haughty hotel owner, Elena Dubrow (Faye Dunaway), to force them to cancel the trip for a third time, due to the upcoming Crystal Ball where one of the guests is revealed to be a critic from the Le Monde Traveller Organization who they hope will reward the Majestic with a sixth star.

At that moment, “Lord” Rutledge (Rupert Everett), a jewel thief whom Mrs. Dubrow believes is the critic, arrives with an orangutan named Dunston, intending to steal the guests’ jewelry. Dunston and his deceased brother Samson were both trained in thievery their entire lives, and Dunston has been wanting to escape from Rutledge’s poor treatment and life of crime ever since.

Meanwhile, Rutledge distracts and causes Kyle to accidentally set a sterling rope mini-pulley free from his hand where Brian falls down and out from a laundry chute. Dunston flees from Rutledge and is later found by Kyle, who befriends the poor orangutan and promises to keep him safe. However, Dunston soon begins causing disruption in the hotel such as ruining Spalding’s workout and interfering with Mrs. Angela Dellacroce’s massage. After realizing Dunston’s presence, Robert calls for an animal control specialist named Buck LaFarge (Paul Reubens) to remove Dunston from the hotel.

The Son Songs List

Dunston Checks In SoundTrack Songs List

1. Main Title (5:20)
2. Meet Dunston (3:35)
3. Monkey Capers (7:56)
4. Candid Dunston (5:33)
5. Dunston Hides Out (4:48)
6. Man and Monkey (3:48)
7. Greenhouse (2:18)
8. Pongo Pygmaeus (3:23)
9. Wounded Dunston (3:24)
10. Montage and Search (2:34)
11. The Bite (1:37)
12. Food Fight (9:35)
13. Sweet Dunston (3:15)

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