Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Songs List

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Written by BeeBee
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Soundtrack list – Dr. Henry Jekyll (Fredric March), a kind English doctor in Victorian London, is certain that within each man lurks impulses for both good and evil. He is desperately in love with his fiancée Muriel Carew (Rose Hobart) and wants to marry her immediately. But her father, Brigadier General Sir Danvers Carew (Halliwell Hobbes), orders them to wait. One night, while walking home with his colleague, Dr. John Lanyon (Holmes Herbert), Jekyll spots a bar singer, Ivy Pierson (Miriam Hopkins), being attacked by a man outside her boarding house. Jekyll drives the man away and carries Ivy up to her room to attend to her. Ivy tries to seduce Jekyll but, though he is tempted, he leaves with Lanyon.

When Sir Danvers takes Muriel to Bath, Jekyll begins to experiment with drugs that he believes will unleash his evil side. After imbibing a concoction of these drugs, he transforms into Edward Hyde—an impulsive, sadistic, violent, amoral man who indulges his every desire. Hyde finds Ivy in the music hall where she works. He offers to financially support her in return for her company. They stay at her boarding house where Hyde rapes and psychologically manipulates her. When Hyde reads in the paper that Sir Danvers and Muriel are planning to return to London, Hyde leaves Ivy but threatens her that he’ll return when she least expects it.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde SoundTrack Songs List

1. Main Title & First Transformation (5:47)
2. Introducing Jekyll (2:55)
3. Lady Camden Waltz (1:34)
4. The Men’s Dinner (3:00)
5. Night Club (3:46)
6. Jekyll Returns from the Club (4:20)
7. Hyde Finds a Place (3:52)
8. A Proposal of Marriage (1:44)
9. Jekyll’s Simple Plan (1:28)
10. Nightmare (3:00)
11. The Demon Bursts Forth (5:08)
12. Shadow of Evil (4:36)
13. Second Transformation / Hyde Attacks (7:04)
14. Confronting Jekyll (1:45)
15. Jekyll Ponders (2:20)
16. Lady Camden Confronts (2:22)
17. Jekyll’s End (3:22)

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