Dolphins Songs List

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Dolphins Soundtrack list – Panayamuttam Sura is a bar owner, who wishes to be respected and recognised beyond his liquor baron image in the society. An astrologer predicts that he will have a good future, if a woman enters his life as a ‘luck amplifier.’ Though he loves his wife, Sura starts conversing with a new woman. Meanwhile, a murder takes place, which has a bearing on his past.

Mutluluk Zamanı(Time of Happiness) Songs List

Dolphins SoundTrack Songs List

2. Sea Of Light (4:21)
3. Fill Her Up (5:37)
4. When Dolphins Dance (5:22)
5. Ghost Story (5:28)
6. First Dive (6:19)
7. Bubble Rings (5:18)
8. When We Dance (5:48)
9. On The Island (3:17)
10. Dolphins Of The World (5:13)
11. Rendezvous (5:06)

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