Doctor Who Season 10 Songs List

Doctor Who
Written by BeeBee
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Doctor Who – `Doctor Who’ is a classic science-fiction programme with a cult following. The Doctor is called a `Time Lord’, a time-travelling scientist from a far off planet, who travels through time and space in a shop known by the acronym TARDIS. A TARDIS is a machine that is larger on the inside than the outside and is supposed to change its appearance based on its surroundings. The Doctor is also able to evolve his biology, so he appears as many different people throughout the series. The Doctor loves Earth, so he makes many trips here to save the planet, or to enlist earthlings to help him with tasks in the galaxy.

Doctor Who Season 9 Songs List

Doctor Who Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. You Shall Not Disrupt Our Mission (6:55)
2. We Should Go In (2:53)
3. Why Would I Ever Trust You (7:00)
4. Dealing With Multiple Somethings (6:38)
5. Magnificent Attention To Detail (3:20)
6. A Calculated Risk (5:41)
7. Say Hello To My Friends (4:35)
8. I Am The Doctor (2:37)
9. We Are Not Finished (6:02)
10. What’s The Plan (7:47)
11. Reunite (7:17)
12. All Hands On Deck (3:30)
13. Activate Everything (6:12)
14. She’s The Doctor (7:20)

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