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Disenchanted Soundtrack list – Ten years after the events of the first film, Giselle, Robert, and Morgan Philip are living happily together with their newborn baby Sofia. However, life in Manhattan is starting to drag on them, so Giselle plans to move the family to Monroeville, a suburban town. The moving brings poor first experiences for them: their new house needs to be renovated, Robert has to commute to continue his job, and Morgan feels like an outcast at her new school.

King Edward and Queen Nancy visit from Andalasia to present them with a wish-granting wand. Giselle meets Malvina Monroe, the arrogant head of the town council, and learns that she is hosting a fairytale-themed ball, where Malvina’s son Tyson is the ball’s elected prince. To help Morgan to fit in, Giselle tries to get her elected as the ball’s princess but ends up unwittingly embarrassing Morgan, resulting in a falling out between the two.

After consulting with her chipmunk friend Pip, Giselle decides to use the wand and wishes her family’s life to be a “perfect fairy tale.” By the next day, the town has transformed into a fantasy kingdom called Monrolasia. Morgan is happy with their new life, and Robert believes himself to be a brave adventurer. Malvina is now the town’s evil queen with magical powers. Giselle also discovers uncharacteristically haughty behavior and finds pleasure in mistreating Morgan. Realizing that she is slowly turning into a wicked stepmother, Giselle asks for help from the magic wand’s instruction scroll. The scroll reveals that Giselle’s wish is using up Andalasia’s magic to change the real world into a fairy tale and that it will become permanent after midnight.

Malvina learns about the magic wand and enlists her two servants, Rosaleen and Ruby, to steal it; however, the scroll tells her that the wand can only be used by a “true Andalasian”. Giselle realizes that without the wand, she will lose herself to her wicked side, so she convinces Morgan to save themselves before sending her to Andalasia. There, Morgan learns that the kingdom’s magic is transported to Monrolasia through a vortex, and once the spell becomes permanent, Andalasia will be gone forever. Nancy and Edward suggest that Morgan use the magic of the memories to remind Giselle of her true self. Morgan recreates a childhood drawing of their family tree with pictures of their shared memories, then heads back to the real world with Nancy.

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Disenchanted SoundTrack Songs List

1. Andalasia (Griffin Newman) 4:30
2. Even More Enchanted (Amy Adams) 2:57
3. The Magic of Andalasia (James Marsden & Idina Menzel) 2:54
4. Fairytale Life (The Wish) (Amy Adams) 2:54
5. Fairytale Life (After the Spell) (Amy Adams, Gabriella Baldacchino & Patrick Dempsey) 4:03
6. Perfect (Gabriella Baldacchino, Ann Harada, James Monroe Iglehart & Michael McCorry Rose) 3:14
7. Badder (Amy Adams & Maya Rudolph) 3:21
8. Love Power (Idina Menzel) 4:16
9. Love Power (Reprise) (Amy Adams) 1:50
10. Even More Enchanted (Finale) (Amy Adams) 1:37
11. Disenchanted Score Suite (Alan Menken) 7:44
12. Hard Times for Heroes (Demo) (Patrick Dempsey, Ann Harada, James Monroe Iglehart & Michael McCorry Rose) 3:47
13. Something Different This Year (Demo) (Gabriella Baldacchino & Kolton Stewart) 3:36
14. Love Power (End Credit Version) (Idina Menzel) 2:58

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