Demolition Man Songs List

Demolition Man
Written by BeeBee
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Demolition Man Soundtrack list – In 1996, psychopathic career criminal Simon Phoenix kidnaps a busload of hostages and takes refuge in an abandoned building. LAPD Sergeant John Spartan, nicknamed “The Demolition Man” for the large amounts of collateral damage he often causes in apprehending suspects, mounts an unauthorized assault to capture Phoenix. When a thermal scan of the area reveals no trace of the hostages, he raids the building and confronts Phoenix, who sets off explosives to destroy it. The hostages’ corpses are later found in the rubble, and Phoenix claims that Spartan knew about them and attacked anyway. Both men are sentenced to lengthy terms in the city’s new “California Cryo-Penitentiary”, a prison in which convicts are cryogenically frozen and exposed to subliminal rehabilitation techniques.

In 2032, the city of San Angeles – a megalopolis formed from the merger of Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara – is a seemingly peaceful utopia designed and run by Dr. Raymond Cocteau. Phoenix is thawed for a parole hearing and escapes from the cryo-prison by saying a secret password, without knowing how he had learned it. He subsequently murders his guards and the warden, making his way into the city where he easily overpowers and kills several police officers who have never had to deal with violent crime. Lieutenant Lenina Huxley, an idealistic officer who is fascinated with 20th-century culture, learns about Spartan’s career from veteran officer Zachary Lamb, who suggests the best chance to stop Phoenix is to enlist an officer with the experience and mindset needed to anticipate his actions. Huxley persuades her superiors to parole Spartan and reinstate him to active duty. Spartan finds life in San Angeles to be sterile and oppressive, since all types of behavior deemed immoral or unhealthy, such as sports, alcohol, swearing, eating meat and having sex have been declared illegal. Conversely, many members of the police department and the public view Spartan as savage and uncivilized, while Huxley idolizes him.

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Demolition Man SoundTrack Songs List

1. Demolition Man (5:29)
2. King Of Pain [Live] (7:21)
3. Shape Of My Heart [Live] (4:32)
4. Love Is Stronger Than Justice (The Munificent Seven) [Live] (7:36)
5. It’s Probably Me [Live] (6:12)
6. A Day In The Life [Live] (4:07)

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