Das Mädchen von Hongkong Songs List

Das Mädchen von Hongkong
Written by BeeBee
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Das Mädchen von Hongkong Soundtrack list – Frank Boyd flies to Hong Kong to visit his old friend Edward Collins, who has built a lucrative existence there and is about to marry the attractive Meredith Harris. But as soon as he arrives, Frank learns that his friend has just been murdered. He fell victim to a sniper in front of the warehouse of the transport company Delgado in the Hong Kong port. Shortly before, Edward had left a mysterious suitcase with his fiancé, but it is empty. Boyd definitely doesn’t want his friend’s death to go unpunished. And so he begins to look for Collins’ murderer. Also, Meredith’s father has offered a HK$10,000 bounty for catching the perpetrator, and Boyd needs that.

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Das Mädchen von Hongkong SoundTrack Songs List

01. Harry Man Band – Policeman’s Holiday (2:41)
02. Pierre Lavin, Pierre Lavin Pop Band – Ufo Invasion (3:03)
03. Larry Robbins, Sammy Burdson – Deep in My Drums (3:18)
04. The Motion Explosion – Beatin’ Boots (2:43)
05. Hans Ehrlinger, Hans Ehrlinger Trombone Sounds – Chinese Boots (2:45)
06. Larry Robbins – Fight in the Night (2:25)
07. The Gerhard Narholz Orchestra, Gerhard Narholz – Towerstreet 17 (2:09)
08. Larry Robbins, Sammy Burdson – Are You Free (3:08)
09. The Motion Explosion – No Sadness Please (2:42)
10. The Motion Explosion – Made in Beatland (2:29)
11. Franz Loeffler – Speaking Guitar (2:12)
12. Helmuth Brandenburg Orchestra – Angel Love (2:54)
13. Larry Robbins, Sammy Burdson – Are You Free (Alternative Version) (3:07)
14. RIAS Big Band, Kai Rautenberg, Ingo Cramer, Hajo Lange, Heinz Niemeyer, Adrian Cicero, Till Brönner – Deep Blue Eyes (2:53)
15. Two Beats – Frankie and Johnny (2:14)
16. Otto Sieben – Space (3:17)
17. Fritz Maldener – White Lady (3:07)
18. Fritz Maldener – Zärtliche Stunden (2:29)

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