Curiosa Songs List

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Curiosa Soundtrack list – The film recounts the relationship between Marie de Régnier (1875–1963) and Pierre Louÿs (1870–1925), which takes place in France around the turn of the 19th century. Pierre Louÿs and his friend Henri de Regnier both fall in love with Marie, daughter of the poet José-Maria de Heredia. Marie is a respected writer who signed her first book, ‘’L’Inconstante’’, under the pseudonym Gérard d’Houville. Although she loves Pierre, she marries the wealthy Henri to help pay off her father’s debt and to improve her social position.

Pierre subsequently flees to Algeria where he meets Zohar, a beguiling woman with whom he starts a passionate relationship. When he returns to France, he takes Zohar with him. Marie becomes his mistress and she and Zohar both engage in erotic games with Pierre and pose nude for him. They discover themselves by transgressing the norms of the bourgeois society they live in. Marie starts to invent stories to inflame Pierre’s erotic imagination. With these stories she gains power over him and discovers her sexuality and literary voice. When Pierre goes back on a trip, Marie feels a terrible emptiness and discovers she is pregnant.

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Curiosa SoundTrack Songs List

1. Curiosa (4:11)
2. Le miroir (1:22)
3. Noircissement direct (2:44)
4. Les égouts (0:48)
5. La bouquetière (1:50)
6. Zohra (4:55)
7. La demande en mariage (1:11)
8. Marie et Zohra (3:19)
9. Les deux amants (4:02)
10. Pierre et Henri dans l’escalier (1:00)
11. Marie lit sa lettre (2:02)
12. Marie et Henri (0:53)
13. Rocking Chair (1:27)
14. Autoportrait (1:04)
15. Les deux sœurs (3:25)
16. Approche / Accumulation (7:00)
17. Riding the Rails (9:10)

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