Compulsion Songs List

Written by BeeBee
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Compulsion Soundtrack list – Sadie Glass is on a book tour with her boyfriend, Thierry. She is promoting her book that details her chaotic relationship with Alex, which is implied to have been sexual and violent. At an event in Italy, Alex shows up and invites Sadie to spend the weekend with him instead of meeting Thierry’s family in Paris.

Compulsion SoundTrack Songs List

01. The Ritual (2:39)
02. Night Kill (0:17)
03. The Mark (1:03)
04. Compulsion (1:49)
05. The Crippling Revelation (1:18)
06. The Unwilling Ritual (2:28)
07. Inferno (2:56)
08. Lament (3:22)
09. Ugly Lies (4:44)

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