Come un Padre Songs List

Come un Padre
Written by BeeBee
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Come un Padre Soundtrack list – Anne visits her father Anthony in his flat after he has driven away the latest of several caregivers. He has dementia and constantly forgets important life events and where things are around his flat, including his watch. He tells Anne he believes his caregiver stole his watch and that he will never move out of his flat. She tells Anthony she is moving to Paris to be with a man, which confuses Anthony since he does not recall any men in her life since the end of her marriage to James. Anne says that if he keeps refusing to have a caregiver, she will have to move him into a nursing home.

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Come un Padre SoundTrack Songs List

1. Mister Mazzone 2:29
2. Capitani giallorossi (Parte 1) 0:52
3. La rivoluzione 2:39
4. 1968 1:19
5. Il Derby di Mazzone 1:33
6. Roberto Baggio 4:26
7. Fiore de Mamma 1:24
8. Il diluvio dello Scudetto 1:10
9. Re di Roma 2:24
10. Il debutto 2:14
11. Bongoball 1:01
12. Roma 1993 1:55
13. Capitani Giallorossi (Parte 2) 2:02
14. il pre Derby 2:56
Total Album Time: 28:24

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