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Written by BeeBee
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Close Soundtrack list – Thirteen year olds Léo and Rémi spend the long summer holidays in innocent intimacy, but come the school year, their close friendship is thrown into disarray as their relationship is noticed and commented on by their contemporaries. In reaction to their sometimes insulting or intrusive comments, Léo attempts to distance himself from Rémi. When Rémi tries to kill himself, Léo grows closer to Rémi’s mother, Sophie.

The Serpent Queen Songs List

Close SoundTrack Songs List

1. Bliss (Main Theme) 2:22
2. A Close Friendship 2:18
3. The Rupture 2:27
4. Remi’s Concert 4:12
5. The Red Room 2:12
6. Dimming 2:45
7. Remi’s Torments 3:51
8. Sophie 2:18
9. Brotherhood 3:35
10. The Acceptance 4:13
11. Closer 4:13

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