Children of the Underground Songs List

Children of the Underground
Written by BeeBee
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Children of the Underground – The series follows Faye Yager, who built a vast underground network that hid hundreds of mothers and children, saving them from the alleged abuse of husbands and fathers when a broken court system would not.

Children of the Underground is a five episode documentary series from F/X on Faye Yager and the underground network she created to assist mothers of sexually abused children to relocate and to hide from their abusers. Yager was inspired to found the organization after losing custody of her daughter to her husband, pedophile Roger Lee Jones. Jones later became the first FBI most wanted fugitive to flee child molestation charges and was later captured at a campground.

The series features Yager, her daughter, Gloria Steinem, Sally Jessy Raphael, and others. Episode one explains the historical context, the role of daytime television in lifting up the voices of women and the issues they faced, and introduces the network and its issues with law enforcement. Episode two shares the story of Yager’s own criminal trial and her daughter’s experience. It chronicles Yager’s libel suit after heckling psychologist Lawrence D. Spiegel on the Geraldo talk show and decreased reliance on medical evidence before assisting fugitive mothers. Episode three shows increased belief in Satanic rituals in child abuse cases. Episode four continues the conflicts from critics and the press. Episode five concludes with a major lawsuit against the organization.

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Children of the Underground Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. This Grand Adventure (1:36)
2. Faye’s Story (2:10)
3. On the Run (2:00)
4. The Savior (1:02)
5. The Children (2:31)
6. Georgia (1:31)
7. I’m a Saint (1:46)
8. Growth of a Movement (2:14)
9. Mockery of the System (1:15)
10. The Rise of Satanism (2:00)
11. Satanic Ritual Abuse (1:11)
12. Believe the Children (2:04)
13. The Father (1:40)
14. Falsified Documents (1:29)
15. We Had to Disassociate (1:56)
16. The Origins (2:11)
17. Alan’s Compassion (1:38)
18. We Went Underground (2:43)
19. Faye Needed Publicity (1:18)
20. Lawyering Up (1:50)
21. The Hoax Is Real (1:36)
22. This Is a Setup (1:19)
23. The Missing Pieces (2:47)
24. The Sunshine Bill (2:54)
25. The Others (1:04)
26. Taken Seriously (1:43)
27. April’s Arrest (1:52)
28. Testimony (2:12)
29. Closing Arguments (1:27)
30. Exonerated (1:59)
31. As Normal as We Could Be (1:51)
32. You’re Not Alone (2:20)

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