C’est magnifique! Songs List

C’est magnifique!
Written by BeeBee
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C’est magnifique! Soundtrack list – When Pierre learns that his parents are not his parents, he wants to find out who he is and where he comes from. Raised in nature, Pierre has never been confronted with society. He does not know the codes. He will team up with Anna who will help him in his quest and cross a whole gallery of characters as funny as tender.

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C’est magnifique! SoundTrack Songs List

01. Pierre the Orphan (2:12)
02. Secret Letter (1:28)
03. Welcome to Lyon (1:15)
04. Urban Jungle (1:49)
05. Anna (1:29)
06. New Tandem (2:20)
07. Misses Fontaine (2:05)
08. Funny Beverage (1:14)
09. Infiltration Nursing Home (1:21)
10. Lise (2:47)
11. Anna’s Past (2:18)
12. Operation Rats (1:43)
13. Revelation at the Cemetery (2:42)
14. Lise’s Return (3:21)
15. The Magic Cave (2:20)

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