Catch the Fair One Songs List

Catch the Fair One
Written by BeeBee
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Catch the Fair One Soundtrack list – Kaylee, a Native American woman who was once a boxer, is now an addict living in a shelter and working as a waitress. Some time ago, Kaylee’s younger sister Weeta was kidnapped and taken into a sex trafficking ring. She is one of the hundreds of young girls who go missing every year. No one has heard of her since. Kaylee is still searching.

After finding a lead on Weeta’s whereabouts, Kaylee meets the procurer of a local trafficking ring. The man takes pictures of her, drugs her, masturbates in front of her, and tells her that she will be sent to a man looking to buy a “Native girl”.

Bobby is the son of the ring’s kingpin, Willie. Kaylee is chloroformed, tied up, and taken by Bobby to the buyer’s home. She wakes up alone in a basement and using a razor blade hidden under her tongue, she cuts herself free. Once Bobby and the buyer arrive, Bobby explains that he knows what she is trying to do and that she will never find her sister.

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Catch the Fair One SoundTrack Songs List

1. Catch The Fair One 1:40
2. Survival 2:00
3. I Tell Myself She’s Dead 2:00
4. A Kiss 1:48
5. The Bird 2:50
6. This Is Her 2:32
7. The Feast 0:51
8. The Great Joy 0:55
9. The First 1:36
10. Hidden 1:42
11. Take Care of Your Son 2:01
12. Where Is She 0:41
13. Two Women 2:56
14. The Yards 1:08
15. Weeta 1:18
16. Tell Me 0:51
17. The House 2:46
18. Remember Their Names 4:23
19. Catch the Fair One (Reprise) 2:09

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