Capote Songs List

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Capote Soundtrack list – Truman Capote, a writer, travels to Kansas with his partner to research a murder case for his new book. Soon, he shows compassion towards the killers and develops a relationship with one of them.

A.I. Rising Songs List

Capote SoundTrack Songs List

01. Out There (0:54)
02. “The village of Holcomb…” (5:47)
03. “The two young men had little in common…” (4:55)
04. Spoon Feeding (2:44)
05. “This is it, this is it, this has to be it…” (0:39)
06. “Holcomb is twelve miles east of the mountain time zone border…” (6:50)
07. N.Y. Reading (2:18)
08. “Eight non-stop passenger trains hurry through Holcomb every twenty-four hours.” (8:45)
09. If One Bird (0:44)
10. “It was midday deep in the Mojave Desert.” (2:28)
11. “It was late afternoon…” (5:27)
12. “Perry noticed them first – hitchhikers, a boy and an old man…” (9:16)
13. “At five that afternoon…the long ride came to an end.” (2:44)
14. Not Much Time Left (3:04)
15. “Dewey had watched them die…” (13:55)
16. I Thought He Was A Very Nice Gentleman (1:42)
17. Epigraph (2:18)
18. Answered Prayers (1:30)

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