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Candice Renoir
Written by BeeBee
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Candice Renoir – Candice Renoir is a mother of four children. She has taken a ten-year leave of absence from her job as a police detective in Paris and has spent this time as a stay-at-home mom, traveling with the family for her husband’s jobs in, among others, the United States, Mexico and Singapore. After her marriage fails due to her husband’s infidelity, Candice resumes her job as an investigator. She has called in favors and has landed the job of chief of the small BSU (Urban Security Brigade (Brigade de Sûreté Urbaine), criminal investigations division) of the Police Commissariat in Sète (Hérault), a Mediterranean seaside resort suburb of Montpellier. From the moment she arrives at the Police in Sète she is at odds with the local chief of police Commissary Yasmine Attia, as Candice’s appointment was forced from the Police HQ in Paris, but also with Police Captain Dumas. Attia had promised Dumas the position of chief of the BSU and he acted in this assignment for a month, before Major Renoir’s arrival sidelined him, relegating Dumas back to deputy, much to the frustration of the rest of the team. Renoir’s ten-year career gap has left some gaps in her knowledge of more recent police procedures, which initially lands her in trouble. In addition her bubbly personality and soft, at times motherly behavior, unconventional for a criminal police detective, makes her subordinates call her ‘Barbie doll’ behind her back, but her unique approach brings results and quickly earns her their respect.

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Candice Renoir Free Songs List Soundtrack

1. Respect (2:28)
2. Candice (1:36)
3. Découverte (2:14)
4. Interrogatoire (2:33)
5. Dénouement (5:39)
6. Belle famille (2:02)
7. Inspection (1:27)
8. Amphitryon (1:58)
9. Le voisin (1:08)
10. Intervention (1:09)
11. Enlèvement (1:54)
12. Les jumeaux (0:46)
13. Christelle (1:27)
14. Candice le retour (1:28)
15. Solitude (1:34)
16. David Canovas (1:57)
17. Start Again (3:36)
18. Ballade (1:30)
19. Candice Seventies (1:46)
20. Explosion (2:15)
21. Medhi (1:49)
22. Qui est Max ? (1:12)
23. Mariage (2:12)
24. Poursuite (1:38)
25. Justine (0:50)
26. Mother (1:51)
27. Résolution (0:54)
28. Reminiscence (2:02)
29. Romance (1:53)
30. Romantico (2:29)
31. Sodade (1:25)
32. Tention (1:06)
33. Realise (2:41)
34. Butterfly (3:15)

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