Brian and Charles Songs List

Brian and Charles
Written by BeeBee
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Brian and Charles Soundtrack list – Brian Gittins is a lonely inventor in rural Wales, who builds quirky contraptions that seldom work. One day while scavenging scrap, he comes across a mannequin’s head, which inspires him to attempt to create an artificially-intelligent robot, though he is unable to activate it. That night, during a thunderstorm, Brian discovers his activated robot wandering outside of his workshop, and Brian brings it into his house.

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Brian and Charles SoundTrack Songs List

01. Wales, Land of Wonder (3:36)
02. The Workshop Of Invention (2:34)
03. Morning Glory (2:17)
04. The Blue Blue Sky (2:07)
05. Inspiration In Anything (2:48)
06. Birth And Creation (3:00)
07. Hello Charles (2:38)
08. Fun Times (2:33)
09. Land Of Sheep (3:55)
10. I Am Dreaming (2:53)
11. Crossed Wires (2:57)
12. Very Cheeky (2:32)
13. The Lake (3:18)
14. Use Your Imagination (1:35)
15. Bad People (2:09)
16. Brian Vs The Bonfire (3:11)
17. Cabbage Cannon Chase (3:40)
18. Petrescu Power (2:00)
19. Brian + Charles (3:45)
20. I Want To See It All (Charles Rap) (1:34)
21. The Workshop of Invention (The Future Sound Of London Remix) (4:29)

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