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Breakthrough Soundtrack list – John Smith (Ruiz) is a 14-year-old Guatemalan boy raised in Lake St. Louis, Missouri by his adoptive parents, Brian (Lucas) and Joyce Smith (Metz). Though they are loving and supportive, John struggles with feelings of abandonment from his birth parents, and rebels against his parents and teachers.

In school, John’s class is assigned to give a presentation about their family backgrounds. On his day to present, John admits he did not do the assignment. His basketball coach, who had promised him a starting position, warns John that if he gets a failing grade, he will be benched. John later gives a half-hearted presentation, saying that everyone already knows he is adopted and he does not know much about his true background.

Later, John and his friends Josh and Reiger go out onto a frozen lake, ignoring a neighbor’s warning. The resident calls the police, and all three boys fall through the ice. Josh and Reiger manage to swim to the surface and are swiftly rescued by first responders. Two of the rescuers dive in, but are unable to find John. As they are about to give up, one of the rescuers, Tommy Shine (Colter), hears a voice telling him to go back. Thinking it is his chief, he tries again, and manages to lift John to the surface.

With no pulse or breath, John is taken to the local hospital where an emergency team works frantically to save his life. After John still fails to register a pulse, the attending physician Dr. Sutterer gives Joyce a chance to say goodbye. A weeping Joyce cradles her son in her arms, pleading with the Holy Spirit to not let John die, at which point a faint pulse registers. Sutterer recommends transferring John to a better equipped hospital, citing Dr. Garrett (Haysbert) as an expert in cases like John’s.

After John is transferred and placed in a medically-induced coma, Garrett warns his parents that he has little hope for John’s recovery, and that if John were to pull through, he would likely live in a persistent vegetative state. Jason Noble (Grace), the family’s new liberal pastor with whom Joyce has frequently clashed, visits the hospital and Joyce slowly warms to him. Like Joyce, he regards John’s progress as divine intervention. John shows some signs of consciousness: he is able to hear Joyce and Noble and to respond with squeezes to the hand, and a tear trickles from his eye as a crowd gathers outside the hospital to sing and to pray for his recovery.

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Breakthrough SoundTrack Songs List

01. Opening (2:30)
02. Homeroom (1:22)
03. Bless This Food (2:46)
04. Breathe Life into John (4:29)
05. Doctor Garrett (2:41)
06. Tommy and John (1:59)
07. Frozen Waters/ Miracle at the Lake (7:41)
08. Squeeze My Hand (3:37)
09. Let God Handle It (3:43)
10. John’s Fight (2:30)
11. Hearing Voices (1:45)
12. To the Hospital (1:07)
13. Some Kind of Miracle (3:23)
14. I Didn’t Ask for This (4:04)
15. He Gave Us a Rose (1:27)
16. Belief (4:03)
17. Stand for John (2:30)

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