Breaking the Ice Songs List

Breaking the Ice
Written by BeeBee
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Breaking the Ice Soundtrack list – Breaking the Ice (2022) is an Austrian film written and directed by Clara Stern. It’s a film outwardly about Austrian women’s hockey, but really about interpersonal relationships. The movie stars Alina Schaller as Mira, the captain of the team.

Gazza Songs List

Breaking the Ice SoundTrack Songs List

1. Cold Breeze 0:51
2. I’ll Send Myself Searching 0:50
3. The World (feat. Carla Cabanossi & Bendi Benassi) 2:51
4. Oh My Gosh (feat. Wemimo) 2:31
5. Flying High (feat. Bendi Benassi) 3:23
6. Gravity 1:39
7. Only Dragons (feat. YIELU & Anna Suk) 3:24
8. Bliss 1:02
9. Can’t Keep Waiting 5:01

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