Book of Love Songs List

Book of Love
Written by BeeBee
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Book of Love Soundtrack list – Henry Copper (Sam Claflin) is a rather traditional, uptight English author of romance stories, that focus on love, but are restrained in terms of passion. Unfortunately his one published book is not selling, and he is somewhat lost as what to do. However, his publisher Jen (Lucy Punch) contacts him to tell him that his book is now in fact selling… in one country, Mexico, and that he needs to go there to push the book on a three city book signing tour.

Quickly getting his things together he flew the next day to be met by the translator of the book, Maria (Verónica Echegui) who takes him on a tour in her car with the Mexican publisher Pedro (Horacio Villalobos) and her son and grandfather. Henry attends the first book signing, which is incredibly popular, however, Henry is confused about people’s reactions, and that everyone is talking about sex. Despite her best efforts and mistranslating people’s conversation to tone down the content, Hanry finds the Maria has not just translated the book, she has re-written is as a passionate sexy romance novel; which is why it is so popular.

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Book of Love SoundTrack Songs List

1. Book of Love (feat. Jennifer Knowles) 2:08
2. Write the Story of Us (feat. Verónica Echegui) 2:55
3. Vamos (feat. Laura De Ita) 2:46
4. Kiss Me (feat. Frankie James-Lee) 2:50
5. Fictionalised (Spanish Version) (feat. Laura De Ita) 2:01
6. Aventura (feat. Laura De Ita) 2:10
7. Overwhelmed 2:18
8. Love is an Empty Word (feat. Frankie James-Lee) 2:52
9. Kiss Me (Reprise) 0:44
10. Fictionalised (English Version) (feat. Jennifer Knowles) 2:55
11. Maria Walking 2:34
12. Write the Story of Us (feat. Laura De Ita) 2:55
13. Light Up (Vamos – English Version) (feat. Jennifer Knowles) 2:56
14. Book of Love (Club Remix) (feat. Jennifer Knowles) 2:21
15. Far Too Many Cars (Jennifer Knowles) 2:30

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