Blue Story Songs List

Blue Story
Written by BeeBee
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Blue Story Soundtrack list – In London, a boy named Timmy starts secondary school in Peckham, Southwark despite living in Deptford, Lewisham. His mother wanted him to go to this school because of its good curriculum and so Timmy cannot be with his old friend Kiron, a trouble maker. On his first day, he befriends a boy named Marco and later on, two others named Dwayne and Hakeem.

Five years later, the boys are invited by classmate Karina to a party. Timmy, now 15, is reluctant to go but after he finds out that his longtime crush Leah is going, he reconsiders. Meanwhile in Deptford, the Ghetto Boys are attacked by the Peckham Boys on the former’s own grounds forcing them to flee. That night, Marco attempts to watch The Intent with his older brother Switcher who is the Peckham Boys leader but Switcher is called out to help fight the Ghetto Boys who have come for revenge. Later, the Peckham Boys are chased by the Ghetto Boys and the Ghetto second-in-command Galis is shot by Switcher in the back and is left to die when Ghetto leader Madder leaves due to the nearby police.

At the party, Timmy has a slow dance with Leah but is interrupted after Marco gets into a fight with another boy causing Karina’s father to shoo everyone out. A few hours later, after Marco gets home, the police raid the apartment and arrest Switcher. The next day, Switcher is released after not having enough evidence against him and Timmy invites Leah to his house for the weekend to watch the final season of Game of Thrones while Marco goes to a college girl’s house. Timmy has sex with Leah and the two start a relationship. Meanwhile, Marco runs into Kiron, who is now a Ghetto Boy nicknamed Killy, and has his arm broken by him. On Monday, Marco accuses Timmy of being an associate with Killy and ends their friendship after insulting Leah, who pushes him and is then slapped by Marco, who is then punched by Timmy.

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Blue Story SoundTrack Songs List

1. Shots on Deptford 0:58
2. Wet Them Up 1:27
3. Left to Die 1:27
4. You Don’t Even Own 1:06
5. Police Arrest Switcher 1:11
6. Friends Become Enemies 1:12
7. Leah’s Final Moments 1:32
8. Three Years Later 0:58
9. Remembering Leah 1:36
10. You Don’t Speak for the Gang 2:15
11. Brothers in Hospital 2:06
12. Betrayed 3:54
13. Fire and Smoke 2:17
14. A Blue Story 1:49

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