Bloody Mary Songs List

Bloody Mary
Written by BeeBee
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Bloody Mary Soundtrack list – One night in 1993, in Vizag, an orphanage is attacked by a group of human traffickers. The director of the orphanage is killed and all the kids from the orphanage are abducted, except for three kids with physical impairments – Mary, Basha, and Raju. Mary is the daughter of the orphanage’s director, and she overhears her mother’s death. Since she was not an eyewitness to the crime, the police do not register her as a witness statement.

A few years later, Mary is working at a hospital while taking care of Basha and Raju. Basha, who is mute, has aspirations of becoming an actor. Raju, who is deaf, dreams of becoming a photographer. One day, Kantha Rao, a doctor working at the hospital Mary is working, calls Mary for an opportunity she has been looking for. When she reaches there, he makes improper sexual advances toward her which she resists. In the ensuing scuffle, Mary pushes him causing his death. Meanwhile, the same day, Basha witnesses a similar death when he goes to a film director’s office to audition for a role. The director tries to sexually assault Kala, an aspiring actress, who retaliates by hitting him on the head to his death.

Beat Songs List

Bloody Mary SoundTrack Songs List

1. Opening 3:48
2. Overture 1:30
3. Photograph 0:38
4. I’m So Sorry 0:22
5. The Story of Bloody Mary Pt. 1 2:41
6. The Story of Bloody Mary Pt. 2 3:11
7. Other Side 3:03
8. Looped 3:36
9. Escape 2:10
10. End Credits 1:22

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